Open Access


Applied Jurnal Pelayanan Pastoral (JPP) is committed to the principles of open access, promoting unrestricted access to scholarly research to foster global knowledge dissemination. This Open Access Statement outlines our dedication to providing free and immediate access to the valuable content published in our journal.

Definition of Open Access

Open Access (OA) refers to the free, unrestricted availability of scholarly research to the public. Authors, readers, and researchers are granted permission to access, download, distribute, and reuse published articles without financial or legal barriers.

Our Open Access Philosophy

Applied Jurnal Pelayanan Pastoral (JPP) is a strong advocate for open access as a means to:

  • Accelerate the global exchange of knowledge.
  • Enhance visibility and impact of scholarly research.
  • Foster collaboration and innovation in diverse academic communities.

Accessibility and Licensing

All articles published in Applied Jurnal Pelayanan Pastoral (JPP) are openly accessible to the public. Authors retain copyright of their work, and articles are typically published under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, allowing users to:

Share and distribute the work

Adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially, with proper attribution to the original source.

Archiving and Preservation

Applied Jurnal Pelayanan Pastoral (JPP) is committed to the long-term preservation of open access content. Articles are archived in recognized repositories to ensure continued access and availability.