Peer Review Process


The peer review process of the Jurnal Pelayanan Pastoral is fundamental to maintaining the quality and integrity of the scholarly content we publish. Our peer review system is designed to ensure that submitted manuscripts are rigorously evaluated by experts in the field, fostering excellence and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

  1. Submission and Initial Assessment
  • Authors submit manuscripts through our online submission system.
  • Upon submission, the editorial team conducts an initial assessment to ensure adherence to formatting and ethical standards.
  • Manuscripts that meet the initial criteria proceed to the peer review stage.
  1. Assignment of Reviewers
  • The Editor-in-Chief assigns appropriate reviewers based on their expertise and the subject matter of the manuscript.
  • Reviewers are selected for their knowledge, experience, and impartiality.
  1. Double-Blind Review
  • The peer review process is double-blind, ensuring anonymity for both authors and reviewers.
  • Authors are encouraged to anonymize their manuscripts during the initial submission.
  1. Reviewer Evaluation
  • Reviewers critically evaluate the manuscript, assessing its originality, methodology, significance, and adherence to ethical standards.
  • Reviewers provide constructive feedback, suggestions for improvement, and a recommendation for publication.
  1. Author Response and Revision
  • Authors receive the reviewers' comments and are given an opportunity to respond.
  • Authors revise the manuscript based on feedback and resubmit it.
  1. Editorial Decision
  • The Editor-in-Chief makes an editorial decision based on the reviewers' comments, authors' responses, and the overall quality of the manuscript.
  • Possible decisions include acceptance, minor or major revisions, or rejection.
  1. Revision and Final Decision
  • If revisions are requested, authors make necessary adjustments and submit a revised manuscript.
  • The revised manuscript undergoes a final review before a final decision is made.
  1. Publication
  • Accepted manuscripts are scheduled for publication.
  • Authors are notified of the publication date.
  1. Continuous Improvement
  • JPP values feedback from authors and reviewers to continuously improve the peer review process.
  • The editorial team is committed to maintaining transparency, fairness, and efficiency in the review process.